2024- 2025 FUNDRAISING

Melissa Reese

Director of Fundraising

The Jaguar Hockey Club has carefully selected several highly profitable, individual fundraising opportunities to help offset travel or house hockey fees. 

* Fantasy Hockey is back!  Tickets will be available at tryouts, or you can contact Melissa Reese directly to arrange ticket exchange.

*Sherwood Forest Farm Evergreen Fundraiser will return October 2024

*Domino's Pizza-The Slice the Price Card September 9th-23rd, 2024

* Fun Pasta will be sold online February 1st-22nd, 2025

* I am also working on setting up so new fundraising opportunities

Stay tuned for more details

All fundraising credits will be applied toward your crossbar account.

We are always looking for help and new ideas, so if you are interested in joining the Jaguar Fundraising Committee or if you have questions regarding fundraising, please contact Melissa Reese.


The Jaguar Hockey Club will once again be offering banner sales as a fundraiser to help reduce player fees. These banners should be sold to local businesses you deal with. It is a write off for the businesses as a donation or advertising expense. Please keep in mind that we are unable to accept banners for golf courses, fitness centers, or pro-shops as these are in direct competition with Inwood (they can do a direct donation though). Seller will earn 50% of the banner price purchased. There are 4 different banner sponsorships available:

Bronze Sponsors (2'x2' banner) Cost: $250.00

Advertising banner displayed for one year

Company name and website link on our club website

 Silver Sponsors (2'x4' banner) Cost: $500.00

Advertising banner displayed for one year

Company name, logo, and website link on our club website

Gold Sponsors (2'x8' banner) Cost: $1,000.00

Advertising banner displayed for one year

Company name, logo, and website link on our club website

Ad on our information kiosk in the rink lobby for 6 months

 Platinum Sponsors (4'x8' banner) Cost: $2,500.00

Advertising banner displayed for one year

Company name, logo, and website link on our club website

Ad on our information kiosk in the rink lobby for 12 months

All banner sales need to be submitted no later than April 15th! Anything received after this date will be returned to the business, no exceptions! Payment needs to be turned in with banner request form in the form of cash, check, or money order.

Please submit a cash, check, or money order to: Jaguar Hockey Club, Attn: Melissa Reese, Director of Fundraising

In addition to the completed form & payment, the company logo should be emailed to Melissa Reese at

All new banners will be displayed starting in June for a period of one year. It is your responsibility as a seller to obtain the renewal of the banner on or before April 15th. In the event, the banner in not renewed by then it will be removed, and others may try to obtain sponsorship from the business.

To help you with your banner sales the forms are available at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, please feel free to email


The Jaguar Hockey Club also offers the opportunity for direct sponsorship, this is a great way to reduce fees for family members. Employers and local companies who are willing to sponsor individual players need to complete the form below. Simply download the form and complete it with the sponsor, then mail the completed form along with payment to the address at the bottom of the form.

Seller will receive 100% credit for direct sponsorships. Direct Sponsorships can be turned in all year, no due dates. Payment needs to be turned in with the direct sponsorship form in the form of cash, check, or money order.



Tickets will be available in person at the rink-contact Melissa Reese to arrange pick up. They will also be available during tryouts at the check-in desk.

To sell tickets online please use the link below:


Sell tickets with attached coupons for $20 each. Turn in the ticket stub along with the $20. A $11 credit will be added to your hockey account for each sold ticket. Please place ticket stubs and 1 check made out to Jaguar Hockey Club in an envelope, marked Fantasy Hockey, and put in the drop box outside of the Jaguar office.  


Thank you for participating in the Jaguar Hockey Club Wreath Fundraiser for the 2024-2025 Hockey Season.  All payments will need to be made directly to the FAMILY selling the wreaths. Each Jaguar family will then turn in ONE check for all orders place on their behalf. Delivery will be made Between Nov 14-21.

Buyers have the option to have items delivered directly to them for a higher dollar amount or delivered to the rink and picked up by the Jaguar Family and distributed to them. This date will be released in November.

 These can be sold via the online link or the attached paper document attached. We ask that you upload all your orders online for easier order submittal. 

All Orders are due no later than October 28, 2023 

To become a seller create your personalized website:

Jaguar Hockey Club Webpage


If you are interested in selling online Fun Pasta please see the attached letter for player store setup information. Please email sellers name to get added to the Fun Pasta sellers list to receive credit for your sales at

Fun Pasta fundraiser will be running  January 31st through February 21st, 2025 Please click the link below and use the code H4JB0E to set up your store. Remember to share your store on social media, text, and/or email to promote your fundraiser.

Join Code: H4JB0E

Profit made on this will be 35%-50% which will be applied to individual families accounts for future use.


Dominos Pizza Card Fundraisier is coming! The cards will be distributed to all team managers to hand out to players/families if interested in participating. The cards cost $20 and will pay for themselves after one use! The card allows the customer to buy one get one free large pizza! The card can be used as many times as possible till June 30, 2025. Each card sold will give the player/family $10 in their Jaguar account for future hockey fees. Please put all money/forms in a envelope for Melissa Reese in the mailbox outside the Jaguar office. Any questions please reach out.

Card Sale is scheduled for September 9th-23rd, 2024!


The Jaguar Hockey Club would like to offer local businesses the opportunity to participate in our Informational Kiosk Sponsorship program. Your business ad will be displayed on the Jaguar Informational Kiosk located in the lobby of the Inwood Ice Arena. Informational Kiosk sponsorship is available at the following three levels: Gold (12 full months), Black (6 full months), and White (month by month). You will have the opportunity to renew your ad as it expires so it will continue to be on display inside the ice arena lobby. 

Simply complete form & contact Melissa Reese at


Group concessions run each year from March through October. Members of the Jaguar Hockey Club have the ability to earn credit towards house or travel fees by working concession booths at entertainment venues such as Seat Geek, Huntington Bank Pavilion Amphitheater, & Credit Union 1 Amphitheater. Please go to and click "Concessions" to view more detailed information regarding concessions. Please contact the Concessions Coordinators, John Wirkus or Melissa Reese with any concession questions at

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