Melissa Reese

Concessions Coordinator

John .Wirkus

Concessions Coordinator


Group concessions provide a volunteer opportunity to work at venues such as Credit Union One Amphithere and Seat Geek Stadium. By working concessions, you will earn credits towards your ADM/house or travel hockey fees. The amount earned goes directly to player accounts. There is no guaranteed amount to be earned. The amount earned is the amount of sales earned at our contracted rates (rates vary by venue) plus all tip monies (cash and credit) divided by hours worked. This is a great way to meet other club members

Please contact Melissa Reese or John Wirkus via e-mail at with any questions you may have about group concessions.


Please make sure you have read over and have given a signed copy of the contract packet below to Melissa or John before beginning concessions. You will not be able to work any event if Melissa or John do not have a signed copy of the agreements below.


You are required to work a minimum of 9 events per family from March 1st through November 30th. Three events need to be before May 1 and three events after August 15. Please note that any family member or friend will be allowed to work as long as they meet the age requirement and the venue's required training procedures.



SeatGeek Stadium

Soccer / Rugby / Concerts 

Must be 18 years or older to work in the stand, however, 21 years or older to sell/serve alcohol

Dress Code: Black Pants, black skid-resistant shoes with socks, Venue shirt, and Jaguar hat. 



Credit One Amphitheatre


All concession workers need to be at least 21 years of age.

Dress code: Venue shirt, Black pants, shorts or capris, close-toed shoes with socks, and black hat.


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