Little Jaguars


The Little Jaguars is our introductory level class formerly known as Minor Hawks and is designed for skaters who have never been on the ice before or have limited experience. Primarily for boys and girls aged 3 to 8 but kids of any age that wish to learn how to skate are welcome to sign up. The program meets once a week for 5 weeks and on the last day of class your skater will receive a certificate with a recommendation for future sessions from Coach Jerry.

*Free rental equipment can be provided 

A $100 deposit will be required for all rental equipment. Your deposit will be refunded when the equipment is returned. Checks made payable to Jaguar Hockey Club only please.

There are three levels of Little Jaguars and they are all on the ice at the same time so the coaches can move skaters up or down as needed. 

Level 1

Level 1: These are the skaters that are brand new and cannot yet even stand on their skates. We do a lot of one on one with these kids to get them comfortable with being on the rink without mom and dad and much of the time is spent on learning to stand up, fall and get back up again. Level 1 class is in the center ice area, right inside the doors in the Rookie Pen. We use sticks, pucks, hula hoops, toy animals and even pineapples to motivate these youngsters to move on the ice and have FUN!

Level 2

Level 2: Once the skaters are able to stand, fall and get up again on their own, they are ready for level 2. These classes are run in the center ice area out over the Blue Center Ice Circle and the Far Board Zone between the blue lines. Here in the Blue Center Ice Circle we work on basic marching and staying in a group and listening to instruction. It’s easy for little kids to get distracted out there because it can get very loud. Once the skaters move to the Far Board Zone section of center ice, they’ll be marching, spinning, working on balance, stride and the beginnings of learning to stop.

Level 3

Level 3: After showing some proficiency working in a group and developing their stride, it’s off to Level 3. Here the skaters are in larger groups and are expected to be able to behave and follow instructions, mainly by visual example. In this class, we further develop the stride, continue learning how to stop and introduce backward skating. This is where you’ll start to see your child take off as they become more confident in their stopping ability.  

Little Jaguars Summer 24

Summer Session - $75

7/10 - 8/7 (Wednesday's Only)

Wednesdays - 5:00 - 5:30pm

*Held at Canlan in Romeoville*

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