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Konroyd shows off his Skills

A special guest representing the Chicago Blackhawks was on the ice with the Jaguars' Squirt-level skaters during their Skills session on Dec. 1. Steve Konroyd, who is in his ninth season as the studio host for Blackhawks pre- and post-game coverage, helped to run the drills during the event. Each Squirt skater who participated received either a red or white Blackhawks jersey to as a keepsake of the evening.

Konroyd played 15 seasons for the NHL, including stints in Chicago, Calgary, Hartford, Detroit, Ottawa and with the New York Islanders. A defensemen, he scored 41 goals and tallied 195 assist during his 895-game career.

Jimmy Porter T-Shirts


On Saturday, January 3rd at 6:30 our Jaguar Midgets will take on the Glenview Stars for our annual Jimmy Porter game. Jimmy was a life long Jaguar who we lost at a young age. Order your t-shirt now to show your support for Jimmy and our Jaguar Midgets at the Jimmy Porter Memorial Game. All proceeds of shirt sales go towards the Jimmy Porter Memorial Scholarship.

To ensure delivery of the T-Shirts by Jan 3rd the order deadline is December 20th! Please give your orders and payment, checks made to

Jaguar Hockey Club or Cash to your mangers by the deadline!

Help the Jaguars while looking stylish this season!!

A portion of the purchase price will be split between the club and the Midgets.

    Jaguar News

    Fall Hockey 2014-15


    Brand New to Hockey? Need Help Getting Started?

    Click the Jaguar logo to visit our MinorHawks Pre-Hockey page for all the information you need.

    Tot Hockey

    Classes start on Tuesday September 9th, at 11-11:45am.
    They will run every Tuesday through April.

    Cost is $5 per skater. Parents are welcome on the ice for $5 each.
    No sign up, just a drop in basis.


    Coach Therese Stellato

    email - thereseas@earthlink.net

    Forms & Policies

    Locker Rooms

    Inwood Locker Room Assignments

    This link will take you to the same website that is displayed on the LCD monitor at the rink. You can also save the link in your smart phone to view on the way to the rink.

    Would you like to place your business advertisement on the TV monitor at the rink? Please check out the information on how to do this on the Fundraising page!

    On-Ice Accomplishments

    Members of Peewee NIHL Kochniarczyk show off their championship banner to their parents and fans after defeating the Chicago Bruins 3-1 to win the Peewee A division of the Cold Fusion tournament in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Sunday, Nov. 9. Coached by Scott Kochniarczyk, the team went 3-0-1 in the tournament en route to the championship.

    Members of Jaguar Squirt Vertucci await their finalist medals at the Cold Fusion tournament in Grand Rapids, Mich. It was the second time this season Coach Jeff Vertucci's team has advanced to the championship of a Big Bear tournament. The team also finished second in the Wheels of Fire Tournament in September.

    Members of Jaguar Squirt Luedtke listen to their coach during their championship game at the Cold Fusion tournament in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Sunday, Nov. 9. Playing up in the Peewee A2 division of the Big Bear tournament, Jaguar Squirt Luedtke lost "an epic championship game" 1-0 to the Nationals after two overtimes in the fifth round of a shootout. The team had gone 2-1-0 to advance to the finals, defeating the Columbus Flames 4-1 and the Fort Wayne Komets 7-3 before losing to the Michigan Nationals 5-1 in preliminary round play.

    Members of the Jaguar Midget team psych themselves up for the start of their championship game at the Winged Warrior tournament in Indianapolis, Ind., on Sunday, Nov. 9. The team compiled a 3-1 record, losing only in a shootout, after double overtime, in the championship game. Goalies Dom Mangialardi and Zander Zafiro each recorded a shutout along the way, as the Jaguars outscored their opponents 13-3 during the course of the weekend.

    Upcoming Events

    Fri 12/19 Sat 12/20 Sun 12/21 Mon 12/22 Tue 12/23

    Practice: *PW Egan, Mite Zschach
    4:50pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: *Mite Krupa, *Squirt Luciano
    5:10pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: *Peewee Kochniarczyk, *Squirt Devivo
    5:50pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: *PW Saganiuk, *PW Schuman & Slagle
    6:20pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Leafs at Squirt NIHL Jeff Vertucci
    7:20pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Expess at Squirt NIHL Greg Stornello
    7:30pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: *Bantam Kochniarczyk
    8:45pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Mite Zschach / Peewee Schuman and Slagle
    7:20am CST Ical_event_icon

    Jets at Mite NIHL Joe Krupa
    9:10am CST Ical_event_icon

    Squirt NWHL Joe Luciano at Hoffman Estates Grey
    9:10am CST Ical_event_icon

    Squirt NWHL Jeremy Devivo at St. Jude Black
    11:30am CST Ical_event_icon

    Midget NIHL - Schiele at Crystal Lake Yellowjackets B
    12:30pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Chargers at Squirt NIHL Chris Luedtke
    1:45pm CST Ical_event_icon

    PeeWee NIHL Rocky Saganiuk at Glenview Stars
    2:40pm CST Ical_event_icon

    3:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Game vs Kankakee
    3:10pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Bantam NIHL Zeke Kochniarczyk at Huskies #2
    3:30pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: *PW Egan
    4:15pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Squirt NIHL Greg Stornello at Wolf pack
    5:25pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Maulers at PeeWee NIHL Scott Kochniarczyk
    5:30pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Squirt NIHL Jeff Vertucci at NW Chargers #4
    6:30pm CST Ical_event_icon

    St Jude at PeeWee NIHL Ryan Schuman and Russ Slagle
    6:50pm CST Ical_event_icon

    *5 Skills
    8:30am CST Ical_event_icon

    Minor Hawks: *Minor Hawks
    8:45am CST Ical_event_icon

    Future Jaguars (Pre-Hockey)
    9:20am CST Ical_event_icon

    ADM Games: *All ADM
    10:20am CST Ical_event_icon

    PeeWee NIHL Scott Kochniarczyk at Ice Dogs
    10:30am CST Ical_event_icon

    Chiefs at PeeWee NIHL Rocky Saganiuk
    11:30am CST Ical_event_icon

    Mite NIHL Ken Zschach at Jets
    12:50pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: *Squirt Luedtke, *Squirt Vertucci
    2:10pm CST Ical_event_icon

    PeeWee NIHL Ryan Schuman and Russ Slagle at Vikings #2
    4:20pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Squirt NWHL Jeremy Devivo at Squirt NWHL Joe Luciano
    5:15pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Squirt NWHL Jeremy Devivo at Squirt NWHL Joe Luciano
    5:15pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Orland Park Vikings NIHL B at Midget NIHL - Schiele
    6:30pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: *Mite Grabko, *SQ Stornello
    5:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: *Mite Krupa, *Mite Zschach
    5:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: *PW Schuman & Slagle, Midget Schiele
    6:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Goalie Clinic - Mites & Squirts
    7:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Goalie Clinic - Peewees, Bantams & Midgets
    8:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: *Bantam Kochniarczyk, *Peewee Kochniarczyk
    9:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    6:00pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice: *Squirt Luedtke, *PW Schuman & Slagle
    7:20pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: *Midget Schiele
    8:30pm CST Ical_event_icon