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Fall Season Registration

By Board, 09/09/14, 2:30PM CDT


Fall Season Registration Now Available!

  • Registration Fees:  All registration and evaluation fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full before try-outs and/or evaluations begin. Skaters who register after the try-out or evaluation dates are also required to pay this fee.
  • Early Bird Registration:  Register early to receive a discount on your registration fee, online only.  Exact discounts and dates are listed below.
  • Season Fees:  Season fees include 20 weeks of Powerskates, team practices, and league games plus apparel package and socks.  Additional costs include tournaments and tickets to the Bowling Bash (2 tickets for $60).

    No skater will be placed on a roster until payment is arranged.  You will be given exact directions at try-outs/evaulations to complete your registration.
  • Payment of Season Fees:  Payment for season fees will be accepted the following ways:
    • On-line - Pay for your fees on-line using Visa or Mastercard.  When you pay your fees this way, you may choose to make your payment in full or spread it over five payments.
    • Payment Off-line - Make a one-time payment for the full amount of season fees via check.  Families who choose this option will still need to register on-line to be in the system.
    • Credits - Familes who have worked concessions or other fundraising options can use their credits for their season fees.  Families will need to register on-line with their credit card.  Once concession numbers are compiled and fundraising credits made in mid-October, families subsequent payments may be cancelled and/or refunds given depending on a families credit.
  • Injury Credits:  Players who are injured may be eligible to have their fees pro-rated.  The injury must be sustained while playing hockey with the Jaguars, and the player must be unable to participate in practices and/or games for at least a six-week period.
  • Jaguar Bash:  When paying for your season fees, each family will be billed a total of $60 for two Jaguar Jaguar Bash tickets.  This is a manatory fundraiser.  If you choose not to use your Jaguar Bash tickets, you are still responsible for them but are able to sell them for $30 each.

Click Here for Fall Season Registration

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